Assault Rifle for the PS3 by CTADigital

The Assault Rifle by CTADigital is a realistic looking gun to be used with the Sony Playstation and Playstation Move Games. It is compatible with most 1st person shooters and hunting games, including Call of Duty Modern Warfare It has all the buttons you find on the Playstation 3 Dual-Shock Controller. To use it you insert the  USB dongle that comes with into the PS3. Then click on the home button on the rifle and you are ready to go. By itself you can use it with the Playstation 3. If you want to use it with the Playstation Move you simply attach a cradle and place the motion controller in the cradle. It has an analog button, that allows you to run and strafed while still looking at what is around you. The trigger supplies a realistic shooting reaction whether it is a single shot or a full burst. The rifle has an internal speaker which allows you to hear the shots as they are being fired. This option is available even if it is not sync with the PS3. The Assault Rifle is available through the CTADigital Web site or through Amazon for $59.00. CTADigital also offers other accessories for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, DS Lite along with iPhone, iPad and other products. CTADigital is the place to go for your gaming and computing accessories.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast and Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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