GNC-2010-12-03 #631 The Long Haul

Thank you for all of the words of support and prayers for my cousins children that are still missing. I covered a metric ton of content tonight and introduce you to a new website we launched today for the 2011 CES content. See link below. Cannot believe it is only 30 days away before I head out to Vegas for the annual trip.

Please check out our new Sponsor Luxor, they are our first officially announced sponsor for CES 2011. Really excited to have them on-board and will be sharing a lot about their property over the next couple of weeks.

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Listener Links: Official Site of our CES 2011 Content.
NASA Alien Discovery.
Way of the IT Ninja.
Stars Stars and More Stars.
The Web Tells All.

Show Links:
Flash Update for Droid.
Google Chrome Version 8 Beta.
YouTube Ads you can Cancel.
HP Kills Windows Home Server.
Robot Causes Havoc in Denver.
Chevy Volt Gov’t dollars at work.
Xbox 360 case Tossed.
AVG Bricking Windows Machines.
GetGlue review.
Sony Pocket Edition Review.
Stream Any Video on Apple TV.
Fix that Slow Internet.
Congrats Revision3
Glow in the Dark Soap.
Add a Flash to your iPhone.
Tron Motorcycle For Sale.
Woz walks you through Computing history.
BitTorrent based DNS (Radical)
Dumping .com for .me
Hackers moving Servers to China?
The leaking of Black Ops.
Verizon LTE reaching Cap in 32 minutes.
Verizon LTE ridiculous Pricing.
4G Options.
Netflix gonna be next Time Warner?
Shuttle Launch Date Unknown.
NASA Aliens on Earth.
Cassini Wows us.
SOFIA makes first science flight.
Stem Cell Spray to treat Burns.
Loud Commercials coming to end.
Net Neutrality Opinions.
Amazon unplugs Wikileaks.
Native Apps versus Web Apps?
Moscow watching Wikileaks.
Senator Lieberman gets tough on Espionage.
What does Wired and Perez Hilton have in Common?
FBI Story on Nabbing a Spammer King.
Hadron Collider looks into the Big Bang.
Feds Tracking CC use without Judge signed Warrant.

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