Smashing Retro Games

I try not to give too much love to any one single website, but this is too good to resist.  Smashing Magazine have a great article listing some of the best retro and DOS games which are now available on-line, some as downloads, some online.  As far as I can tell, all the games are legitimate, but use your own judgement.

The games include (and my progress in them when they first came out.)

– Prince of Persia – completed.
– Lemmings – completed (and Oh No! More Lemmings).
– Pac-man – can it ever be completed?
– SimCity – thousands of hours wasted!
– Secret of Monkey Island – never really played it.
– Leisure Suit Larry – man, I played this and several sequels to death.
– Doom I/II – completed, but lost interest with Quake.
– Micro-Machines – even have this on my Playstation 2.
– Dune II – the precursor to Command and Conquer, Total Annhilation, Z and a thousand other strategy games.  I loved Total Annhilation and Z.
– Wing Commander – I, II and III completed.  Didn’t get far in WC Armada.
– Worms – best played against your mates.  Watch them suffer.
and loads more.

These were the games of my youth and it’s fantastic to see them getting a second life.