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GNC-2011-03-03 #652 We have a Winner

A winner is announced in the show today congrats to Anthony Y for winning and Apple TV. Big thank you to the 32 people that participated in this round of contributions and the 14 new insiders that are now supporting the show. We will giveaway another cool product in the next couple of weeks. As an insider you are automatically entered in all of our contest here at GNC. I am very excited about our PowerPress update coming tomorrow and you get an inside look at what is coming plus a whole bunch of Tech news!

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Show Notes:
Post PC World Non Sense.
Trade In Prices drop like a Rock!
Bloggers in Australia get more Protections.
Antitrust Investigation on H.264 Consortium!
Print with your Droid.
10 PC gaming Emulators from 80’s
Is a Site Safe or Not?
Airplay Expanding!
HBO Expanding Media.
Android Set Top Boxes?
Blu-Ray versus DVD
Easier to Use Bit Torrent Client.
iPad 2 Accessory.
Roku iPhone App Updated.
P2P lawsuits and Real People’s Lives.
Illegal TV Streamers feel arm of Federal Gov’t.
New Tablet Plans from AT&T.
New Hotspot Plans AT&T.
Malware + Android = Easy Victims.
Stop Snooping on Email.
Beam me up Scotty.
Twitter Battle with Police and Party Animals.
Carbon Credit Legislation under Fire.
Do FCC Fee’s help Poor?
ICE in Antarctica.
Timezone Database Keeper?
Groupon Class Action Suit.
Recording Police in Conn, about to get easier.
X-37 Sister Ship?
Facebook Comments on Blogs?
Techmeme and Hacker News head to head.
Angry Bird 30 Million Downloads?
Wordpress.com DDOS Today.
Twitter App update hammers you with Ads.
Chrome + Hardware Acceleration = Faster Images on Web.
Latest UFO Scam Video.
VW Parody
Google Self Driving Car not American Made?
Netflix iPad Update.
Ford Sync in 19 Languages!
Gmail Fixed.
iPad Apple Smart Covers?
A Windows Journey.

Smashing Retro Games

I try not to give too much love to any one single website, but this is too good to resist.  Smashing Magazine have a great article listing some of the best retro and DOS games which are now available on-line, some as downloads, some online.  As far as I can tell, all the games are legitimate, but use your own judgement.

The games include (and my progress in them when they first came out.)

– Prince of Persia – completed.
– Lemmings – completed (and Oh No! More Lemmings).
– Pac-man – can it ever be completed?
– SimCity – thousands of hours wasted!
– Secret of Monkey Island – never really played it.
– Leisure Suit Larry – man, I played this and several sequels to death.
– Doom I/II – completed, but lost interest with Quake.
– Micro-Machines – even have this on my Playstation 2.
– Dune II – the precursor to Command and Conquer, Total Annhilation, Z and a thousand other strategy games.  I loved Total Annhilation and Z.
– Wing Commander – I, II and III completed.  Didn’t get far in WC Armada.
– Worms – best played against your mates.  Watch them suffer.
and loads more.

These were the games of my youth and it’s fantastic to see them getting a second life.