I’ve Got An Iphone 4

I received my new Iphone 4 late Monday afternoon and have been trying it out since then. I have upgraded from an Iphone 3GS and so far I am happy with my purchase. I am well aware of the issue with the antenna, however I don’t make that many calls and when I do I almost always use headphones. This however does not excuse Apple for the antenna problem. One of the issues maybe how Apple, especially Steve Jobs and early adopters see the Iphone, in comparison to the general public. I believe that the first group see the Iphone as a mini computer that happens to have a phone, while the second group sees it primarily as a phone.

If Apple sold it as a mini computer with telephone capabilities added, I might give them more leeway. However it is being sold as a phone, which means that it must work at least as well as any other phone on the same network. A questionable connection and a suspect network, is not a good combination for a phone. I am afraid that Apple, solution maybe to simply changing the the bars to fit the actual connection, instead of fixing the connection. This unfortunately is something that many companies do to, they mask the problem, instead of fixing it. Worst, is what Apple tried to do. which is to blame the customer. Blaming the customer is always bad for business, no matter if what you are saying is true or not. Its even worst if the customer is doing exactly what you would expect them to do.

There is a part of me , that says this product is defective and you should hate it. I don’t, I admit I still love it. I love how it feels, how it works and all the little touches that make it an Iphone. I admit that the various Android phones probably do certain things better then the Iphone. However after three years in the Iphone universe, I am not about to change now. I am still convince that Apple will find a solution to the antenna problem, and in a year it will be just be a distant memory. Perhaps the press conference this Friday at 10:00 AM PST will tell us which direction Apple is headed on the antenna issue. What do you think, do you own an Iphone 4, do you love it or are you ready to throw it against the wall. If you don’t own a Iphone 4, but was thinking of getting one, has the antenna issue stopped you. What do you want to hear from Apple at this Friday’s press conference. Please let me know.

One thought on “I’ve Got An Iphone 4

  1. If I were you I would feel good about my purchase, and I wouldn’t let this potential antenna issue spoil my enjoyment of your new iPhone 4. Not every iPhone 4 has the antenna problem — some credible people have reported they cannot duplicate the problem. However, for those phones that do have the problem, the issue is easily solved with a small piece of scotch tape applied to the metal seem along the side of the phone. The scotch tape prevents your skin from grounding out the antenna. Another solution would be to simply put the phone in some sort of protective case like I have with my Sprint HTC Evo, which I love more than ever by the way.

    There’s no such thing as the perfect device. Every device has some sort of shortcoming, even if it’s minor. Enjoy your new iPhone 4 !!!!

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