Richard Solo 1800 Product Review

Today there are a large number of battery backup devices for the iPhone. The folks over at Richard|Solo sent me the Richard Solo 1800 Smart Battery Backup, laser pointer and LED flashlight device for review. If your like me you computer bag is full of stuff and any new device has to take the place of another item.

While the devices re-charge capability is great with a 1800mAh capacity battery there are other devices on the market that compete in recharge battery size. The justification to carry this charger in my computer bag, was due to the fact that it had the built in laser pointer and led flashlight replacing an older recharge device and my presenter laser pointer.

This device would have really hit a home run if they would have built in a power point remote presenter into the device. At $69.95 it is not the cheapest charger in the space but by far not the most expensive. Overall a good value and if your looking for a Backup Battery for your iPhone, iTouch or iPod this is a great choice.

Disclaimer: I was provided a free unit to review. Opinions of this article are based on three days of utilization of the charger.

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