Since I bought my iPhone

I was late to the iPhone game. Having lived in an AT&T free region of the U.S.A., it was out of reach until I moved abroad to do some teaching.  I really thought I was satisfied with my iPod Touch 1st generation. Except that is was slow in running the updated operating system, didn’t have a camera, etc. Matter of fact if the last iPod Touch update would have had a camera I would probably have bought it and still would be without an iPhone.  However, on a trip to Thailand I saw my friend’s wife’s iPhone, I was bitten not to recover.  And so I purchased an unlocked iPhone in Thailand for way to much money! What has changed for me since I, a normal computer user, bought my iPhone? I have been surprised.

  1. I leave the laptop at the office and browse on my phone. That is not to say that I browse as much on the iPhone as I did on the laptop.  I do use the iPhone to browse the news and GNC links and such.  It has probably helped me reduce my browsing, time wasting, computer time.  It’s browsing is nice enough, and quick enough, to be enjoyable but also tiring enough to get me off to more productive things.
  2. I do all of my of my Twitter reading on Tweetie for the iPhone. All of it.  Again I’m not a heavy user but it works really well and simply for what I need.  For certain, it has increased my Twitter activity since my other phone really struggled with it.
  3. I handle 75% of my Facebook activity on it. I use it to upload quick fun photo’s, add status updates, and comment all the time. LIke browsing it’s not as easy as a laptop so maybe twice a week I use the laptop to do a bit more thorough connecting with friends.
  4. I am amazed at the speed. Because of the speed boost I am using several different programs that just would have been painful on the first gen Touch. Awesome Note, Documents to Go, and PS Mobile are wonderful.
  5. The camera has been wonderful both for stills and videos. I’m not looking for HD just for a way to capture daily happenings. For that Reel Director and PS Mobile are very cool.
  6. Living abroad I have a Google Voice workaround that connects to my foreign cell phone for a total of 1.6cents/minute. The Google Voice App was really buggy and wouldn’t work for me. Enter Voice Central by Black Swan (I think anyway). It has worked superbly! Now I enter Voice Central and make my call.  Soon my iPhone rings then the U.S.A. number I dialed rings. International magic.

The phone isn’t perfect, and the price is way to high in my opinion.  That said, I’m incredibly happy. It has really helped my productivity, ability to connect, and my mobile enjoyment. Of course I’m just a normal user with an opinion in the flooded blogging world.  Did I mention my total mobile bill is about $9/month? Nice.