iPod Touch – Upgrade Motivation Gone

ipodtouch-090909-2I was eagerly awaiting Apple’s recent fall “Rock and Roll” music event.  My excitement centered on one product, the iPod touch.  I own a first generation iPod touch and have loved it.  The applications are enjoyable and productive.  The iPod and Media functionality is outstanding.  The internet browsing experience great for a small screened computer.  When the second generation was released with an internal speaker and mic capabilities I briefly debated the upgrade.  Was the speed bump and those features worth it?  It would allow me to use Skype. . . hmm.  Still not enough.

The iPhone 3GS was released in June.  The iPhone included an amped up camera, vastly improved speed, GPS, and firmware 3.0 features made me sigh in jealousy.  Unfortunately my carrier doesn’t use the iPhone and/or subsidize it so that I can afford it where I was going to live.  And so I began looking forward to the 3rd generation Touch.  If the 3rd gen product had the new processor, highly rated camera, and improved voice recording then that would force the upgrade.  I could blog, podcast, take pictures, capture video, and then upload all from the device.  That would be worth putting it into my pocket.  Who knew?  Maybe Apple was going to throw in GPS and that would be delicious frosting.  With those features I would pay a price increase.

And yet, Apple released a Nano with the camera but the Touch without the camera.  What?  Are you kidding me?  Speculation in days prior hinted that hardware problems would keep the camera out of the Touch.  It works fine in the iPhone.  Or then maybe it doesn’t and this is Apple’s way of covering themselves.  Or maybe they left the features out so that they could drop the price and undercut Microsoft’s new Zune handheld (Update: Since original draft this has been verified in an interview with Steve Jobs).  Whatever the reason, they will sell millions of iPod Touch units, but will see few upgrades from previous generation users.  Give me the iPhone without the phone, nothing less.  This new one just didn’t come close to delivering the upgrade motivation for me.  Sad day.  I wanted to give them my money.  No doubt someone will.

3 thoughts on “iPod Touch – Upgrade Motivation Gone

  1. My thoughts exactly, couldn’t of said it any better. I was ready to head to my local Apple store to upgrade my 1st gen Touch, but I will just save my money now!!

  2. “If Apple enabled 802.11n in the iPod touch, we could see a lot of new uses come to the device, including video streaming, wireless sync/home sharing, on-device video rental, and many other possibilities.”

  3. I agree, was all jazzed up to get an Itouch and wham! No camera phone???? Why get it then. I’m with you, give me an Iphone without the phone and I’ll buy one.

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