GNC-2009-09-11 #510 Lots of Apple News Today

Not surprisingly Apple dominated the news but not to worry I have a great variety of content tonight for you. My day started early but I am energized by a early morning meeting I had which I will discuss. I should note that I take a few minutes to remember 9-11, please take a few moments out of your day today to think about everyone that has sacrificed over those and ongoing world events. Also I announce a 1 time good deal where you can save some extra money listen to cash in!

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Post show correct following three videos I totally jacked up what he was referring to in the email!
All you Base Meme 1
All your Base Meme 2
All your Base Meme 3
We need to start a show bloopers reel!
FCC Comments by Listener!
Solar RoadWays under Contract!

Show Links:
Lot’s of Apps coming to other Phones!
Ares 1 5 Stage Booster Test!
AMD 6 HD Screen Graphic Card.
New Super Thin Dell Adamo.
iTunes 9 breaks Pre Sync Again?
Is Symantec crying wolf?
This would be bad please Apple NO!
Release Pre-Release music go to Jail for Long Time!
Cool Google Internet Stats UK Version.
Can a Domain Name cause a Libel Suite?
New Hubble Images will Blow you Away!
Japanese Space Freighter H-II on way to ISS!
AT&T says they will double Mobile speeds by 2010?
Major Microsoft Security Issue for Vista and Win 7!!
Shuttle Delayed for Weather!
Why no Camera for new iTouch?
Google Voice Voicemail straight to Gmail.
Can Google save the Newspaper Industry?
Leave your iPhone at home for Private Microsoft Events!
Unlimited Call, Data, Text & MMS from Sprint $70.00!
Google shocks the world!
47 Bug fixes for Apple Users!
Tree Power Literally?
iPhone update cuts Tether?
Featured Apps cash in!
Apple Theft Alarm Patent.
Someone would be paying me a lot of Money!

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