AT&T EPIC Fail in Hawaii

Up until several weeks ago I was a 12 year loyal T-Mobile customer. Never a service interruption never a issue not one and the best part the plan were reasonable.

Since i picked up my iPhone 3GS a couple of weeks ago and made the switch I get disconnected at least 8 times on a typical route I drive that I never got disconnected from T-Mobile ever. Top that off this afternoon the whole AT&T wireless system here in Hawaii has failed. The signal strength, when it is working is the worst of any carrier, just ask anyone in Hawaii on another carrier how many bars they have and they always have more than AT&T!

I love the iPhone I hate AT&T EPIC Failure to allow an entire Wireless system go down par for the course for these clowns. I bet to many tourist showed up with iPhones and just like SXSW the system crumbled.

Apple, Yes Apple better fix this situation and fast because ultimately it’s their fault and no one else for partnering with AT&T I am simply blown away that in this day and age when the sun is shinning something like this can happen. Yes sure during a typhoon or hurricane they can catch a break but not when the sun is shining.

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10 thoughts on “AT&T EPIC Fail in Hawaii

  1. Sorry to say but I was in Houston for the last hurricane and never lost my TMobile signal even then!

  2. You’re willingly sell your soul and expect everything to be alright. Good Luck with your 3gs lol

  3. AT &T sux. Verizon was like using a landline always good. ATT drops and cuts out constantly

  4. I do miss the company ethic of Cingular over the newly owned AT&T. However. T-mobile customers dont even have 3G out here in Hawaii. My roomates pissed when he came out here and heard they dont even plan on setting up the 3g network out here for a few years.

  5. Can’t say I blame you for being annoyed, but…

    AT&T is the probably more the culprit here for over-selling the capacity, or under building/utilizing the tower-infrastructure on the island, all other things equal.

    i.e does T-Mobile have more proprietary towers that no one else can contract on?

    I’d be curious to know if the various carriers use different power outputs (some lower, perhaps?) or different receivers/transmitters on the towers to explain why phone x works great with carried b, but carrier c is not as extensive in coverage.

    But the pressure should be on AT&T, not so much Apple. I think Apple is keenly aware of the consumer opinion of AT&T, and there have been numerous blogs across the states addressing such. But also, a contract is a contract, and until the Apple/AT&T deal expires, it’s in AT&T’s court for performance issues.

  6. This is the 1st time I’ve ever had a problem w/ AT&T in my 12 years of being w/ the company. I mean even when we had that major power outage around the island only AT&T seemed to be working. They’re great stick with them!

  7. I really pity the situations that Americans have with AT&T. For a company who has been there since the beginning they are incredibly backwards, sluggish and seemingly loathe to do anything about it.

    What’s this? They do not even support all of the features on the iPhone, yet they have the exclusive for it? The equivalent exclusive provider in the UK has none of these problems – for the vast majority of the time at least.

    Having looked at the AT&T site and set up a dummy order it seems expensive too, $75 for a modest monthly plan, 2 year contract and $99 on top of that for a 8GB 3G handset. The equivalent in the UK is actually cheaper with a free handset which never ever happens so I think I can stick my neck out and tell you what you already knew – AT&T are screwing you over.

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