GNC-2009-01-27 #446 Back into the Tech Groove

One of the funniest shows I have done in a while, great listener feedback and while I never want to hurt anyone’s feeling I do my best to patch things up with some of my IT listeners at the end of the show.

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Listener Links:
Fantastic Voyage 2009
Waking Up Teenagers 1
Waking up Teenager 2
Waking up Teenager 3

Show Notes:
No UK ISP Disconnects
Death Cab For Outie vs WMG
Cell Phone Shutter Bill
RIAA goes after Harvard Lawyer
IE 8 Wow that was Quick
Zune Sales Dive
Citrix Invest in Virtual Computer
Hacker Exploit President Obama Site
Internet Reaches a Billion Users
Delay to Digital Switch First Dumb Move By Admin
Massive Tech Layoffs
Windows 7 Beta Available till Feb 10th
Verizon Network Extender
Yes we need a Boxee Console
DivX Pro 7 Release
PC vs Mac Classic (Submit Yours)
OS X Pirate Trojan X 2
Closer look at IE 8
IT Security Guy 250k Botnet to be Sentenced
400,000 mile near miss
Pres Obama Image Copyright Violation
Back Side of Sun Images
More Fuel Efficiency Makes Detroit Mad
Google responds on Feedburner
ION LP Table with CD Burner
iLife 09 Available Today $99.00
Who is the most Hated Technology Web Celebrity
Motorola Museum
Some Interesting Non Tech Images

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