GNC-2008-09-02 #404 Back in Hawaii

Back in Hawaii and a lot to get caught up on. Updates across the board. You should find my Denver layover story pretty funny.

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Show Notes:
Large Hadron Collider
Via Open Source Graphics Drivers
Southwest Apology
Apps Store for Windows Mobile
Vonage the Gift that keeps Gifting
Internet Traffic
Hilton Star Trek Experience Closed
Stealth Studying
100 Blog Designs
Dark Matter Discovery?
Commodore UMMD
Cool STS-125 Pics Must See
747 Hotel
Google Browser
10 Things to Know about Metered Broadband
5 Devices that will allow you to blow your 250gb Comcast Cap
$40,850 for three Songs
Palin’s Wikipedia Entry
Flight Hacker Guide
Shuttle Life Extension?
I’ll be on Hawaii NPR on Wednesday
Artic Ice Melt
Zapper Sales Suppression Device
ISS Changes Orbit to Space Junk
NBC Crippled Olympics Coverage
Tethering iPhone
iPhone Family Experience
Comcast BW Cap View Point

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