Listen to Youtube

I like online videos but I don’t have time to watch as much as I like. At work I can listen to podcasts as much as I like until it is time to go home. I have yet to figure a way to watch videos while I work so audio only is for my situation. The difference between video and audio is video requires complete attention. Audio can be enjoyed while actually doing other tasks. Well there are tons of online videos that are not action based that I would like to hear just the audio. Interviews, standup comedy, etc are in video format but work just as well as audio only formats. A Firefox add on helps me with this is media convertor. I can download a video & convert it to mp3 format to go on my mp3 player. It is a two step process so it is simple enough for anyone to use. You can convert into many more formats so it is as versatile as you need it to be. Youtube is full of stuff that does not need to be seen to be enjoyed. Audio only stuff will always be a huge market for new media producers. People have to work so listening to audio is possible for them while videos at work are not always possible. Firefox is turning into one stop shopping for anything internet related.