The iPhone 2.0 Deal Killer

Well like everyone else I wanted to see what Steve Jobs had to say about the new iPhone. Like everyone else I am pretty excited to see them bring 3G to the phone. What I am not excited about is the AT&T exclusive.

The dilemma is pretty simple I have a large family with 3 phones all on the same account with T-Mobile. I get 2000 minutes a month, EDGE and 500 text messages for about a $100.00 bucks a month.

Because nearly all my wife’s friends and a lot of people we know are on T-Mobile we get a lot of free minutes when we are talking to people on the same network. So I am in a real dilemma what to do.

Seeing the the new iPhone still has the same crapy camera and their is no Video for the device maybe I will just skip getting the new iPhone and get a phone that has a great camera and can do video like the Nokia N85. After all I want to participate in communities like but cannot at the moment because the iPhone has no pathway to do so.

Apple really blew it with the Camera and AT&T is not the mobile carrier I prefer to do business with. T-Mobile does not have 3G as their network is stuck in the ice age but their mobile phone plans are rocking and hard to beat.

Sadly If I were to switch my first choice would be Verizon but sadly Apple was to stupid to realize that by locking themselves to AT&T that they really missed the boat when it came to reaching all of us that would prefer to pick a better carrier.

For now my current iPhone running on T-Mobile will have to do, until someone comes up with a better phone. I think I will be waiting to see what Google can do with Android in coming months. We will see real innovation then!

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4 thoughts on “The iPhone 2.0 Deal Killer

  1. Yeah it sucks they didn’t go with verizon, Verizon is a awesome carrier (Just switched over to them) But with Apples awesome interface do you really want to wish it was them that had gotten it? Verizon wanted to but wanted their proprietary OS look and feel to it that they have on every last one of their phones. Apple didn’t want that and I don’t blame them.

    They also signed a 5 year exclusivity deal we are 1 year in with 4 years to go. Way I look at it once their deal with the devil is over they can go to Verizon (whom now realizes the error of their ways and is releasing touch screen smartphones with their own OS now and the phone will probably be 10 times better than it is right now.

    They who wait will be rewarded that’s how I look at it. Especially with Apple…..

  2. Isn’t the deal breaker that its not $199 without signing a 2 year contract?

    I mean.. I too am with T-mobile and intended to unlock the phone for usage on that network as well as the Orange networks when traveling Europe and the Middle East (just swap out sim cards and try to use pocket skype on wireless networks when possible).

  3. It’s a pitty about the camera but I’m living in Oz so I’m lucky enough to have carrier choices. It’s taken long enough for the iPhone to be released down under without going and buying a bootleg one. Australians will soon be able to get a nice looking phone at a very affordable price. It’s just a shame I’m a PC guy.

  4. The real deal breaker for me is, the iPhone is made by Apple. I owned 3 different Apples starting with a G3 iBook ending with a early MacBook. I had hardware issues with every one of them. I enjoy using OSX and think it has a lot to offer. Unfortunately their hardware, doesn’t live up to the hype. I don’t know f iPhones have issues, I certainly hear a lot of podcasters mention that theirs broke, but most people really like the product. No way am I going to drop that kind of money to be locked into an overpriced, 2 year contract with AT&T.

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