Virtual PC 2007 SP1 now out.

If you have Vista, or installed XP SP3, you might have seen some quirkiness
out of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. To counter, Microsoft has released a Service
Pack for this Virtual environment. The Download is for x86 and x64 and are

. Release Notes are found


It doesn’t solve all the issues – if you have tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 or
tried the hackintosh install disk, you were met with an error message saying:

An Unrecoverable processor error has been encountered. The virtual machine
will reset now.

There are ways around that issue. Sean Earp has documented how that can be
done and can be found

here. Of course, if you install an OS in Virtual PC, you must have a legally
licensed copy – it is considered another instance, and Apples’ EULA does not
allow it’s OS to be installed on non-Apple hardware. But does that mean if I
have a VPC on a Windows install on a Mac, then I can leagally install OSX on the

An interesting conundrum. Nonetheless, VPC – although not as fully functional
like VMWare (it doesn’t support USB devices like flash drives) – still is a
great tool to have on an IT Specialists desktop. And best part is it’s free.