Is Apple Spying on your iPhone Usage?

While I am sure other mobile carriers spy on your mobile phone usage, it does come as a bit of a shocker to see code snippet that may call home to Apple embedded in a iPhone application.

To be honest, I have never thought about my mobile phone “application” usage being tracked. As I sit here pondering why, their are several reasons why they could be doing this.

First it could be something to with stolen handsets. Do they use the call home to mama routine to block stolen headsets at the software level? I had always assumed mobile carriers blocked stolen phones at their switch.

Second maybe Apple is tracking those of us that unlocked the phone to be on T-Mobile. This could explain how Apple was able to come up with the statistics on unlocked headsets.

Third I am sure Apple is trying to keep AT&T honest (trust but verify) in the reporting of how many hours each handset is used, and tie that back to the payments AT&T has make.

The information that Apple is spying on people will obviously spread like wildfire. It is time we as consumers start demanding more privacy. I feel that by Apple tracking application usage this is going to far in invading consumer privacy.

Apple will get the brunt of people’s anguish over this because quite honestly to my knowledge this is the first time of direct proof of a mobile carrier spying at the application level.

The sad thing is deep in the iPhone EULA we have all agreed to let Apple spy on us. The real question is does my Mac call home to Mama every time I fire up an application in it?

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