Dave Winer is so beyond right about Apple

If rumors on the new iPod release today prove to be true then Dave’s assertion that Apple is “chickenshit” is so dead on the money that I applaud him for saying what a lot of us have been thinking about for a while now.

I think his Dear Apple quote at the end of the post is the crux of everything we are all wishing for.

“Dear Apple: Let it support wifi, let it connect directly to the Internet to get music and podcasts, and let’s at least start to get rid of syncing as a way of life.”


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One thought on “Dave Winer is so beyond right about Apple

  1. I’m afraid Mr. Winer’s time has come and gone. If you read his remarks at the Wordcamp address he gave and hear the remarks from many of the folks in attendance you’ll see he lives in the days of his initial RSS creation. Whether Apple announces Wi-Fi on their iPods or not will not make ANY definitive statement about Apple’s future. How can anyone be that small minded?

    Eventually you’ll see the iPod develop along the lines of the iPhone, it will have wi-fi, whether it’s today or in 2008. But to make a statement like Mr. Winer did is near sighted and over-assuming one’s self importance.

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