Google buying Apple makes a lot of Sense

I am not sure what I would have to say if this actually came to pass. I would have to sit and think about all of the implications. One thing is for sure Microsoft would be in big trouble. It would make sense in a lot of ways can you imagine Google buying Apple and then opening the operating system up to all computers.

Bundle the OS-X operating system with all of the Google tools, and all of a sudden you would make a negative multi-billion dollar impact on Microsoft Office in a very big way.

Look at my household we are using Open Office for all the computers except for two, my team uses Google docs and a variety of other online collaboration systems. That is just a single channel where their would be a impact many more exist.

If I were Microsoft I would get off my butt and spend some of those billions and get back in the game. Look at there absolute failure in supporting podcasting they just are being to stupid to understand what is happening around them. I’m a big Microsoft fan so their ignorance just amazes me at times.

Google buying Apple would indeed be the biggest news of 2007 if it indeed happened.