Goodbye Odeo and good luck to whoever is in Charge!

As soon as I get done writing this post I am going to remove Odeo from my website as a podcast directory destination. I am not alone in this as many other people have had nothing but problems with Odeo ever since it was sold.

It appears there is quite the soap opera developing, in that when Sonic Mountain acquired Odeo it looked like a new group was going to tackle maintaining the site. In recent days their apparently has been some turmoil at Sonic Mountain with Sonic Mountain President Rick Arturo being forced out, or as I hear shown the door by the Amergence Group that had made a strategic investment in Sonic Mountain. A little birdy has told me that this one will be decided by the lawyers.

Additionally I have heard that their was potentially two other companies looking to purchase ODEO from Evan Williams. I can only imagine what he has to think about the whole situation. The most damaging thing is the dirt that some podcasters dug up and posted at Podcasting News truly sad.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Odeo and good luck to whoever is in Charge!

  1. SonicMountain hit the lottery when they found Jack Roken as interim CEO. It’s a shame they couldn’t offer him any good reason to stick around. If they are merging into another company and others were brought on board to replace Mr.Roken, one of the few well respected Web 2.0 socially savy CEO’s, then who is the inmate running the asylum? I have heard for months in SF that two huge european Web 2.0 players were offering him some amazing deal. Rick Arturo’s track record with Sivault is shameless and speaks for itself. Mr. Roken was smart to distance himself from this group. Amergence has a poor reputation and past principals were accused of fraud in SEC filings of their old pump and dump. Patience won’t help SonicMountain and Odeo’s situation because there isn’t any reputable managment.

  2. This is definitely not true. There’s not a shake-up at SonicMountain, just the normal shuffle of leadership that happens when new companies merge and new people are brought on board. Jack Roken was an interim CEO — Rick Arturo is still the president and is a great guy. Just need to be a little patient and give SonicMountain a break…

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