Nokia Nseries N93i New Media Advertising Contest

The folks at Nokia understand New Media and they have been doing some cool things in recent months. The latest thing to cross my radar is a contest they are holding over the next couple of days where 20 teams have been given a topic, a N93i and 48 hours to create an advertisement using just the phone.

Recently while in NYC I was observing some video editors and watched their work flow. When I asked them how they were going to compete in reducing the production time on recorded spots when everyone in the world has a media capture device in my pocket.

My point was that in todays world the standard model of shoot, edit, edit, edit, publish is not going to work. You have to be able to shoot the subject in as short a time as possible, get the editing done on the spot and push the media out to syndication channels.

News companies have big vans with dishes on top to push video back to a central location either for quick editing or live coverage. Today the average person will be able to carry a device like the Nokia N93i in their pocket and record, edit, and syndicate the media immediately.

The days of big cameras and trucks with dishes on them will go way of the typewriter. All Nokia has to do is tie this phone into a service like and you now have the ability to compete with any national news service.

Good luck to the 20 contestants on the ad contest meanwhile Hey Nokia lets talk I have some great ideas on how this phone can help the evolution of new media production.

One thought on “Nokia Nseries N93i New Media Advertising Contest

  1. I’m not sure at what you’re getting at Todd? Why does everything have to get uploaded ASAP? Nokia sent me this phone for a 2 week trial and what I liked, wasn’t the urgency, but rather the convenience. Takes beautiful video and I’m still deciding whether to get this or the iPhone. Check out the video review…

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