Apple unable to update Podcast Listings due to Holiday Crush?

AppdI started getting e-mails a couple of days ago from listeners saying they could not find my latest show in iTunes. Turns out that Apple got hit so hard during the holiday rush that it has taxed their infrastructure to the point where they quite updating podcast listings.

I am willing to cut them a little slack because this issue appears to have not hurt down loads but at the same time this should be a wake up call to all podcasters that count on Apple to deliver their audience numbers.

For most the iTunes listings have become a self perpetuating scam anyway. Very few shows have broke into the top 100 list in over a year. The reason is simple people using iTunes continue to have to deal with a directory that in my opinion has become self serving to a select few.

Sadly though I am having a hard time recommending any other podcatchers at this time due to the fact most have been abandoned by their authors with aging and inaccurate directories. [Apple]