Final Planning for Consumer Electronics Show

Well my final gear purchase arrived today and I am happy to say that I will be 100% wireless both the digital audio recorder and the HD Camera have wireless receivers hooked to them and the Microphone has a wireless transmitter. I will carry a cable just in case but I am pretty happy with the rig.

I have the in room recording tested and packed in a hardened flight case and the really critical items will go with me in my carry on. I moved my flight up and I fly out now on Friday the 5th with a Saturday morning arrival which will give me a little extra time to get all set up.

Jeevan from RawVoice is flying out and will be my camera man plus we are getting info cards printed this year this will help those companies get some ideas on who the show is going to reach and where they will be able to find the finished product.

I have my video production perfected as it is going to get. I am sure a lot of the video we shoot will be released the week following CES but we are going to edit and push as much as we can during the show.

I will be producing a podcast each night that I am their as well so that should be a lot of fun. I’m going to start banking some sleep next week because I know their will be little sleep the week in Vegas.

I must have 50 party invites already and while I am not going to be able to attend them all, I am going to do my best to hit a number of the venues in the evening along with the scheduled dinners I have already committed to.

Should be fun and I am pretty excited about the event.