Video Editing Dilema

Since I have been using the Macbook Pro to edit Video’s I have been using the default iMovie Themes and Editing transitions. I want to kick it up a notch or two and I have the need to create some videos that will be used in a new videocast that I will be doing in January and wonder if it would just be smarter to upgrade to a better video editing suite or just buy plugins for iMovie? So if you are a die hard Apple video editor I would love to get some comments on what you think the best approach is.

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  1. The plugins arent too bad depending on how much control of the editing process you want. If you go up to FC Express or Pro there will be a learning curve for sure. Depending on how much money you want to spend but i would go with FC Express. You get most of the power of FCP without a lot of the features most people dont use anyways and i believe there is an upgrade option if you find yourself really getting into editing video.

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