GNC-2006-10-31 #212

Lots of content and some must read linked articles. I explain to one listener why I do not do an enhanced podcast. I also talk about the production of my moms new show the CherieCast at

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Listener Links:
WordPress Multi-User
The Net at Risk” a Net Neutrality investigation

Show Comments:
IBM vs Amazon
New Hard Drive Technology!
Google Video
Gag PayPerPost
WMP 11 ID3 Tag Issues?
Google Ridiculous Statement
Google – YouTube Deal Details
Geek Humor
Mac Book Pro Pricing Comparison!
Optimize Page Load
Vista Tweaks
Search Black Friday
Windows XP Embedded
Fair Game
Ditch Landline and Keep your DSL
Audio Fingerprinting
Botnet Increases Spam!
Boarding Pass
Windows Firewall
Record Label
Universal Stupidity
House of IT Horrors
RIAA Blocked access to Drive

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