PayPerPost is trying Smoke and Mirrors

DisclosurepolicyPayPerPost is attempting a little game of smoke and mirrors instead of addressing their podcaster posting policy. For those of you that have missed it. PayPerPost pays blogger to post on topics they are paid for without disclosing that they are being paid.

In response to wide criticism about this policy they have created a new site that is sponsored by PayPerPost (go figure) and they actually pay bloggers to go into the site and create a disclosure policy that bloggers then can put on there blogs and get paid for doing so.

The real crock here is that the policies they came up with are slanted in such a way that it disguises the real issue here, thus the smoke and mirrors. It’s sad that some bloggers are so desperate to make money that they would sell out and post advertisements for this company and not reveal it.

I assume that the PayPerPost reasoning is that if a blogger puts this bogus disclosure policy someplace buried on their blog that the blogger has then done his civic duty in disclosing that he gets paid to post. The policies they have come up are worded in such a way that it dances around the real subject at hand and is insulting to those of us that take disclosure seriously.

I call on the PayPerPost management to do several things immediately. Stop the Smoke and Mirrors Tactics were not so stupid out here.

1st – Allow Bloggers to say anything in there post about a product Negative or Positive – If the product is truly great then the blogger should be able to say its really great if it’s really bad the blogger has a moral obligation to say it’s really bad and still get paid.

2nd – Someplace within the Blog post beginning or end must be full disclosure that the post is a PayPerPost article. Learn from what has worked in the past aka the Marqui experiment. I was paid to blog but in each and every positive or negative post ( i did have negative posts) I disclosed that I was being paid to post. The amount was publicly available as well.

3rd – Put on your website all of the advertisers present and past that you are working with in addition put a link to every post that you have paid someone in relation to those advertisers. So those of us in the blogging community can check on bloggers post to make sure that they are disclosing and whether you are living up to the deal in letting them post negative comments about a product.

The PayPerPost management need to be put on notice that these games and smoke and mirrors that you are playing is not going be allowed to continue without full disclosure! [TechCrunch]