I used to Listen to the Gillmor Gang!

I used to listen to the Gillmor Gang but some brain child decided that they would take each of their shows and break them up into segments. So instead of getting one show you get like 5-6 segments for each one. Who’s brilliant production trick was this?

The only think I can think of is that someone has to get more advertiser impressions out of the show and thus they had to break it up into segments. This was absolutely the wrong thing to do and I will no longer be a listener. The least they could have done is get the naming sequence such that I could have listened to them without fumbling with my iPod.

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One thought on “I used to Listen to the Gillmor Gang!

  1. When I listen to one of your shows or Buzz Out Loud or a TWIT Production, I just listen through the sponsor announcements. They are not long enough to make it worth my time to fast forward. When I listen to a Gilmor Gang, I always FF out a few minutes to find where the show actually starts. It is annoying but not enough to make me stop listening… yet.

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