Follow up to Measuring the ROI of Brand Advertising

I get asked a great deal how we are measuring and providing ROI info back to those that advertise with us. I respond the same way that advertisers have been measuring this stuff from the beginning of time. But I do want to respons to a article that was written that made me smack my head a little.

Today tradtional media buyers for the most part cannot move off dead center and most cannot comprehend the power of targeted marketing. The linked article tries to get there but misses some key talking point about new media. We all know the rules have changed in the way advertising is being procured. Advertisers want to be able to measure their ROI and if you cannot provide that measurement you are not going to get many ad deals. But in response to where media buyers are headed check this out.

In this linked article you say:

“1. Mass advertising of mass brands is dying”

I personally don’t think it is dying it is only being re-directed into more moden advertiisng streams

“2. Audiences are fragmenting at an exponential rate”

This I agree with completly being in the Podcast Advertising business advertisers are finding the power in reaching a million listeners that are interested in their products versys 25 million that you hope is interested in your product.

“4. Online video has arrived”

This is true but people are not watching video when they drive to and from work nor should they be watching video at work, but they are tapping into the powerful active listening podcast that are out there.

“5. Google has made billions on direct response advertising, finally realizing the promise of the Web to revolutionize advertising ROI measurement”

But with Google advertisers have to deal with clickfraud, if advertisers would wake up and understand we can reach there audiences with these narrow markets they would sink larger budgets at targeting them.

Personally I understand the power of niche marketing it’s to bad most of the media buyers are ignoring it. []

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