I will not buy or rent Movies from Apple!

With the rumor that Apple will start selling or renting Movies in the iTunes music store out today, I instantly thought about prospect of being for forced to buy movies wrapped in DRM. Guess what I’m not doing it, my DVD collection is lock in enough with country play restrictions. Any movie I rent on line digitally better have a shipped DVD that goes along with it. Sure its gonna cost more but that may push people off dead center.

Digital rentals don’t interest me that much. But If companies package digital movie rentals followed by a snail mail delivered DVD I may go for it. Otherwise who normally wants to watch movies on a PC. I do not want to watch movies on my iPod, that is not my idea of fun in fact its a recipe for a headache. I highly doubt that these movies rentals will be full resolution, because in order to do that Apple would have to roll BitTorrent into iTunes in order to support the download sizes, and I think it will be a cold day in you know where before that happens.

I just hope people wake up, and say no to the madness of digital downloads that continue to be highly restrictive when wrapped in DRM. Imagine having to buy multiple copies of a movies like a lot of us have purchased multiple copies of music albums in different formats. [www.thinksecret.com]

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