2 thoughts on “Universities don’t need iTunes U

  1. Their are other systems out their that are authentication based. In fact would give universities complete control of who has access and who doesnt without having to use a third party that locks you into a specific device.

  2. Todd, you and Udell are both making this sound simpler than it is from the University perspective. Not all of us want our lecture podcasts available to the public (I teach at UHH and am developing some of my classes at podcast), or make it easier for students to spread them around to others outside of class. A system that is going to deliver them is also going to be tied into an authentication system to give students access to the lectures with a reasonable expectation that that they are not going to go too much further.

    Another consideration is that some of us, myself included, are allowed to include copyrighted materials in our classes (and possible podcasts) under the provisions of the TEACH act. This is over and beyond the uses that are permissible by Fair Use. However, one of the conditions of this is that we exercise reasonable control over the material, and make some attempt to restrict use of the material to students in the class. While there is no way for us to guarantee this, the law doesn’t require us to be 100% certain that we prevent copying or redistribution of those materials (impossible anyway), we’re only required make a reasonable effort to this goal.

    There are other issues, but to my eyes these are major. At some point in the future maybe I would want my lecture podcasts available to everyone who wants to hear them, but if iTunes you helps me to monitor use and be in compliance with copyright laws, I’m all for it.

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