Mac users ‘too smug’ over security?

No that headline is not coming from me but hijacked from the BBC! I have been accused in the past of telling Mac users not to get to comfortable in not having to deal with Virus and Spyware threats. Seems I am not the only one to think that. [BBC]

Disclaimer thus far Mac users have been pretty lucky thru either good code or lack of hackers who really cared to write to the OS in it’s small adoption numbers. If you are of the mentality that you are immune, all I can say is keep drinking the Koolaid and when you wake up one morning and the Sugar has been replaced with Acid don’t blame me.

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5 thoughts on “Mac users ‘too smug’ over security?

  1. It’s interesting how the author of the above article himself now admits:
    “Despite what some people seem to think having read the piece, I don’t believe that Mac viruses already exist, and I think it’s very unlikely that they ever will.”
    “I don’t have anti-virus software for my Mac, and I don’t think I need it.”
    “I have never claimed there are Mac viruses out there, and I said in the piece that they are unlikely, but I should have made that clearer.”
    “As I’ve said – let me say it again – there aren’t any viruses and I don’t think there will be.”

    I believe that’s the definitive word on that. Even if Todd doesn’t want to admit it.

  2. “The one thing you keep forgetting is that for the last 10 years every Windows user has suffered daily with viruses and trojans and worms and adware and spyware that have virtually stopped their machines from running.”

    No, only the novice users have these problems. The last time that I have any piece of spyware was over a year ago. The only “spyware” that I’ve ever had are tracking cookies. The fact is that Windows can be more secure that a Mac or Linux machine. It’s just that Windows users need to work harder to do so. And we all know that people like you bashing Windows makes Macs sound soooo much better. If Macs are so great, why is Windows still around? Such an “obviously” superior OS should already be everywhere! Hmm, perhaps it isn’t as great as you thought. I’ll get a Mac, as soon as they stop putting lowercases “i”s in front of everything. Just so you know that I’m not a pure Windows zealot, I use Kubuntu Linux as well. Windows is my gaming OS. If major games started coming out for Macs, then I’d buy one. Just as long as there aren’t any “i”s in front of the title. I really don’t know why that is annoying to me.

  3. I thought I’d chime in here as well … Todd, you mentioned that you ‘just shelled out’ 80 or 90 bucks for iLife, and razzed your caller in reference to his statement that ‘iLife is free’. I think the point he is trying to make is – iLife is bundled with all new Macs. Didn’t your machine come with iLife? Of course as revisions are made available, one would have no choice but to pay for the latest version if interested. Also, I find it hard to believe [correct me if I am wrong] any PC comes bundled with 3 applications equal in ease of use for novices, and at the same time powerful enough, or rich in features to achieve somewhat professional results as iPhoto, iMovie and iDvd, and most importantly are designed to interact seamlessly.

    Besides the iLife issue, I don’t agree that work-flow on both platforms, especially from a professional standpoint is equivalent. It’s just not the case I’m afraid in my opinion. Of course you can edit movies, send email, play with pics on a PC much the same, however, most users who use a PC in this manner lack the experience or knowledge of how to keep their system secure and junk-free in the first place.

    Power users like you my friend are asked for help by family members and others often I would think, which of course hinders your own personal level of productivity. I can tell you I dread answering the phone sometimes for this very reason, assuming it’s another troubled PC user looking for guidance [Spyware issues, etc].

    Can a major film project or recording session be equally performed on both platforms? Of course, however those using Macs don’t have any security issues to deal with, don’t have to consider what Spyware or Malware application to run, etc, etc, etc. To me this translates into a much more efficient professional platform.

    As far as price, I went over to the Dell site and priced a system [which includes no bundled software besides the OS and Norton Anti-Virus, and I don’t see much of a difference here compared to the new Dual Core 17″ iMac WITH iLife included and a Super-Drive. One shouldn’t place a maxed out PowerMac in this pricing discussion. This is machine designed for professional use, and its cost is relative, Also keep in mind you can stroll into any Apple Store and buy an iMac off the shelf, save shipping fee’s, and return it without hassle for any reason if you are not satisfied.

    One last point in reference to security. During Macworld, Apple released a new version of Quicktime, and minutes later became aware of a serious flaw. In fact, you reported this on your broadcast. Well, within 2 hours, the problem was fixed, period.

    Do I believe the Mac environment will never be targeted? Of course not. However I’ll bet *if* some sought of breach does surface, it will be handled in a completely different manner compared to how Microsoft handles similar security issues.

    This is not an attack on PC users. It’s an issue of personal preference.. which I have no problem with. However, a pc is a pc is a pc?? guess so… but it’s not a Mac.


  4. We won’t blame you Todd.. you’ll be too busy patting yourself on the back and telling everyone that you told us so. The one thing you keep forgetting is that for the last 10 years every Windows user has suffered daily with viruses and trojans and worms and adware and spyware that have virtually stopped their machines from running.

    It’s like this, if down the road the Mac OSX will have viruses written for it, and there are some viruses that are legitimate threats, it will pale compared to the nuimber of hours I spent cleaning out a family member’s PC that was so full of crap that Windows allowed in that it would no longer run.

    But, I keep forgetting, you just accept that as a fact of your wonderful Windows life and never mention it any more.. maybe if you keep ignoring that it will go away someday. Maybe Vista (whenever it may come out) will cure all the ills that Windows users had to suffer for the last 10 years? Fat Chance!

  5. You just don’t get the fact that in almost five years, there has not been EVEN ONE virus for OSX. With over 16 million copies already purchased, not one virus, yet THREE viruses have been detected on VISTA, with only 10,000 copies distributed to developers. This puts to rest that mistaken belief, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking from the Windows community, the “security through obscurity” disinformation. I think we Mac users are rightfully comfortable. We have an incredible OS, being copied by Microsoft as we speak. Just not copied well. How come no comment about the patch already out for the yet to be released OSX wanna-be? I hope you Windows users are ready for more of the same, but at a higher cost.

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