Sun to bundle Google Toolbar with Products?

I am not sure what to think about the announcement that both companies are going to make it easier for consumers to acquire Sun’s Java runtime, Google’s Toolbar and the desktop suite. This is something I had not contemplated, they said it will be optional, the question that needs to ask how many unsuspecting non technically inclined people are going to be sucked in and install the Google Toolbar without even realizing it.

This is a curious move indeed considering the privacy policy issue that surround the Google toolbar. Sure they have some legal mumbo jumbo that people can read and opt out options but how many really read it or protect what is being sent to Google. I am sure that Google is thrilled and that Sun is probably pretty happy for what can be considered by some as positive press. They sure are in need of some considering all the hate and discontent that they caused in the past couple of years.

I am a bit disappointed but we will see what the future brings. But bundling of the Google toolbar into their install packages just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth the practice has been frowned upon as bundling applications from third parties has usually lead to spyware or worse residing on peoples desktops without them even knowing it. [Sun]

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  1. I especially like the way that they avoided any direct Microsoft bashing but slipped in that little pointer at the end. I believe Scott said something along the lines of: “Windows is the last client-server app […] that is so last millenium […] the network is the computer.”

    The “network is the computer” came up several times.
    I’ve made a few other comments and have several more quotes from the webcast at

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