Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0.

Someone got their hands on iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0 and have scored some screen shots. Looks pretty slick but what was even more slick was the podcast link in their. I’ll be honest though I have really begun to hate the iTunes podcasting interface and their online directory continues to be a nightmare with sites abusing the naming structure.

Absoltuley no human oversight thats for sure. What blows me away is that a couple of hours work could clean up all of the mess that has been created by podcasters abusing their good intentions. []

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One thought on “Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0.

  1. This is what I have been waiting for and needing. I kept saying, why don’t they make itunes for pocket pc, that would make more sense then trying to build a phone into the ipod. I am due to get a new phone in March, and at the time I bought my phone I just started using my pda, and if I have to carry around my pda, cell phone and ipod past that, I will go postal.

    I cannot wait to see what is available by March for me :)

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