Engadget calls Apple to the carpet on iPodcast Trademark Application!

So the question is why did Apple go down this road. Is it so that when the iPodcast trademark is issued that the can go after the guy that owns the iPodcast website. Probably will be worth a few dollars to him. Or will it be a way for them to go after anyone that has a website with the word podcast in it. Typical lawyer BS it was it is and what it will end up to be. So because I an My are close will the go after mypodcast.com and say they are infringing as well.

By the way Apple when are you all going to fix the issues your having with your podcast directory. [Engadget]

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  1. Thats because they advertise using Quicktime to record podcasts. Little do they realize i think that anyone using a mac to record podcasts is using Garageband.

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