Apple is Caching Podcast

Apparently Apple is caching Podcast and this could turn out to be a development that has come concerns. First I have noticed that for some reason shows were only partially downloading which I really could not figure out why and now this explains it their likely is a problem with their caching software and it is not downloading the entire show. Second I am not going to be able to measure total Apple iTunes downloads, even though for some weird reason I have seen a huge increase in downloads. Finally their thought process is good as some podcasters are already out of bandwidth but their implementation is flaky.

I know they are caching featured shows but I was surprised to see this. Apple needs to come out and talk to the community, they have yet to respond to anything and are being very bad net/podcast citizens [DailySonic]

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One thought on “Apple is Caching Podcast

  1. ya, that is a real bummer, that they are taking down other sites with flaky caching. You are right, they should approach the community before attempting such a move. It would be in their better judgement.

    great show!


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