Gnomedex: Tomorrow’s RSS

Mark Fletcher CEO Bloglines, Scott Rafer Feedster and Bob Wyman from PubSub

First of all before I talk about the panel, I want to thank the folks over at PubSub as they were the ones that alerted me to some movement by other Authors in their writing of other Podcasting books, and allowed me to make a strategic change in my writing schedule.

But I disagree when it comes to comments made by Bob Wyman that ATOM is going to be king of aggregation in years forward. I don’t think so!

The conversation turned to RSS advertising and the prevailing attitude was that a subscription model was not good nor is content inclusion fees, personally I would pay for the service. It has become such a strategic value to me that I would pay to be a subscriber. But it is obvious all three companies will be looking to advertise.

The conversation turned to were we go from here. Their is some wish that people would start supporting the comment extension. RSS Advertising is coming in full force and on many fronts and their is a desire to come up with a solution that will make it work for the users and from the users.

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