Gnomedex: Tomorrow’s Media

This panel was hosted by JD Lasica, Terry Heaton, Cory Bergman

JD Lasica discussed the start of the media blogging revolution. Talking about the power of the OurMedia and the sharing of information. 50% of the traffic originating from the Internet Archive is now being driven by

Ourmedia needs moderators and volunteers and people that like to tell stories like weblogers and podcasters do.

Cory Bergman discussed how Television is starting to see a rapid decline in AD Revenue with a slower increase in digital revenues, it will become harder for TV’s to stay profitable

Terry Heaton discusses a real world technical approach to connecting local TV stations to the community, he is considered something of radical and has been consulting with TV executives and telling them they need to pay attention to the personal media revolution.

He discussed a station he is working with WKRN in his consulting business with a poorly performing TV station. He helped this affiliate by getting them to embrace technology by launching a website that was not branded directly with the TV station, they launched, which is generating 6 figure revenues

The TV station then reached out to the local webloggers and invited them in and developed a site called “Nashville Is Talking” which contains local aggregated content and is run by a local blogger that they hired. The best thing about that hiring, is she can say anything she wants on the site, the amazing thing is she sits in the news room of the station!

Each of their anchors have independent blogs and are required to actively post it.

The key in their long term strategy is to use the local blogging community to generate news and hopefully bring them into the production community.

That my good friends is TOTALLY AWESOME!

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