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Political Speeches at Tech Conferences are a Bad Idea

It appears that the goal of Gnomedex for the second year in a row is to bring in a political person to talk during the show that pisses off at least 50% of the audience. The worst part: The guy that lead off the conference was completely whacked.

The back channel conversation around this was beyond negative. Chris, remove politics from Gnomedex. People do not pay to come to a tech conference to hear a whack job political left speaker.

Senator John Edwards to Keynote Gnomedex

I am not sure what I think about this, I have had 24 hours to let it sink in, and received a reply to a message that I sent to Chris about it. The only Politics I talk about on this Blog, is how it seems that a great number of senators, and representatives have not a clue what they are doing in some of these tech bills they have supported.

I have been around politicians all my life, and honestly most of them tell ya what you want to hear, while trying to sell you a bill of goods. I swear though if he starts getting political I’m not sure I will be able to sit their and listen. But I am going to dig around on his voting record on key items that are important to the readership of this blog, and I am gonna ask some hard questions.

But the verdict is still out on whether it is a good idea to bring a speaker in that at least half of the people in the room do not care for. At least if you follow general wisdom that the political split in geeks will be pretty much down the middle risky and yet very interesting pick to say the least.

Gnomedex: Tomorrow’s Public Relations!

Steve Rubel, Chris Sloop

Steve say Blogging is PR with Candor, and I cannot agree more. But I will say that companies probably would be better in firing most of their PR people, and hiring bloggers as Marqui did in their paid to blog program.

As being one of those previous paid bloggers for Marqui, the experience was rewarding in the way that Marqui allowed paid bloggers to dig around in deep with their product along with being given unrestricted access to their staff and even CEO and being allowed to say anything good or bad.

So long as those paid to blog programs are short, and they do not allow the paid bloggers to become entrenched in the companies they are reviewing, it could be a powerful force to improve companies images, this will result in true “Candor” of firms.

Update: I should note that not all PR people are trying to get us to drink their companies Koolaid, but their are very few with the likes of Robert Scoble who can say what they want. PR profrssionals, and Bloggers can work together, but we must all realize that PR people get a paycheck to make all of us drink their companies Koolaid, and we bloggers should be able to ask the hard questions, and get non political answers for those hard questions. Many times when we ask companies to respond, and come clean we usually get a political response, instead of were humans and make mistakes answers.

Gnomedex: Tomorrow’s Media

This panel was hosted by JD Lasica, Terry Heaton, Cory Bergman

JD Lasica discussed the start of the media blogging revolution. Talking about the power of the OurMedia and the sharing of information. 50% of the traffic originating from the Internet Archive is now being driven by

Ourmedia needs moderators and volunteers and people that like to tell stories like weblogers and podcasters do.

Cory Bergman discussed how Television is starting to see a rapid decline in AD Revenue with a slower increase in digital revenues, it will become harder for TV’s to stay profitable

Terry Heaton discusses a real world technical approach to connecting local TV stations to the community, he is considered something of radical and has been consulting with TV executives and telling them they need to pay attention to the personal media revolution.

He discussed a station he is working with WKRN in his consulting business with a poorly performing TV station. He helped this affiliate by getting them to embrace technology by launching a website that was not branded directly with the TV station, they launched, which is generating 6 figure revenues

The TV station then reached out to the local webloggers and invited them in and developed a site called “Nashville Is Talking” which contains local aggregated content and is run by a local blogger that they hired. The best thing about that hiring, is she can say anything she wants on the site, the amazing thing is she sits in the news room of the station!

Each of their anchors have independent blogs and are required to actively post it.

The key in their long term strategy is to use the local blogging community to generate news and hopefully bring them into the production community.

That my good friends is TOTALLY AWESOME!

Gnomedex: Tomorrow’s RSS

Mark Fletcher CEO Bloglines, Scott Rafer Feedster and Bob Wyman from PubSub

First of all before I talk about the panel, I want to thank the folks over at PubSub as they were the ones that alerted me to some movement by other Authors in their writing of other Podcasting books, and allowed me to make a strategic change in my writing schedule.

But I disagree when it comes to comments made by Bob Wyman that ATOM is going to be king of aggregation in years forward. I don’t think so!

The conversation turned to RSS advertising and the prevailing attitude was that a subscription model was not good nor is content inclusion fees, personally I would pay for the service. It has become such a strategic value to me that I would pay to be a subscriber. But it is obvious all three companies will be looking to advertise.

The conversation turned to were we go from here. Their is some wish that people would start supporting the comment extension. RSS Advertising is coming in full force and on many fronts and their is a desire to come up with a solution that will make it work for the users and from the users.

Gnomedex Day Two Session 1 and 2 commentary

Not much sleep last night as I was up to two am trying to get the two keynotes up and online. I am horrified to put Audio up that bad, but you all filled my inbox. This morning we have started out with tow very amazing presentations the first was a presentation of MindManager which is simply an amazing product.

The second was a dialog by Julie Leung which every weblogger needs to here. I hope this is put up in video format, her presentation is one that every person that is worried about the social implications of blogging should be exposed to, she covers subjects about protecting her children and limiting some of the commentary she makes on her weblog. has Winer and Microsoft Gnomedex Keynotes Online!

Big thanks to Gnomedex and Chris for allowing us to record the live events at Gnomedex. The recordings are up the audio is not the best because we were recording from the audience and not jacked into the mixer.

The two shows we put up where the Dave Winer Keynote and the Microsoft IE version 7.0 RSS integration and Longhorn announcement. The RSS feed is here

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