Gnomedex: Tomorrow’s Public Relations!

Steve Rubel, Chris Sloop

Steve say Blogging is PR with Candor, and I cannot agree more. But I will say that companies probably would be better in firing most of their PR people, and hiring bloggers as Marqui did in their paid to blog program.

As being one of those previous paid bloggers for Marqui, the experience was rewarding in the way that Marqui allowed paid bloggers to dig around in deep with their product along with being given unrestricted access to their staff and even CEO and being allowed to say anything good or bad.

So long as those paid to blog programs are short, and they do not allow the paid bloggers to become entrenched in the companies they are reviewing, it could be a powerful force to improve companies images, this will result in true “Candor” of firms.

Update: I should note that not all PR people are trying to get us to drink their companies Koolaid, but their are very few with the likes of Robert Scoble who can say what they want. PR profrssionals, and Bloggers can work together, but we must all realize that PR people get a paycheck to make all of us drink their companies Koolaid, and we bloggers should be able to ask the hard questions, and get non political answers for those hard questions. Many times when we ask companies to respond, and come clean we usually get a political response, instead of were humans and make mistakes answers.

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