Don’t microwave your new $20.00 dollar bills

Either this is a hoax or Uncle Sam has seriously screwed up. Imagine walking between one of those merchandise protection systems and having it go off every-time and then find out your wallet is causing it to go off.

The question of the day is this. Has the US Gov’t placed RFID chips in all new $20.00 bills. I personally don’t think they have, but a aluminum strip and a microwave would not mix very well. It seems according to the linked story that if you microwave a bill the right eye of Andrew Jackson explodes. If I had a new $20.00 I would test this immediately but it will be interesting to see if this turns out to be a hoax or great fiction. [PrisonPlanet]

Thanks to Slashdot for the link

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One thought on “Don’t microwave your new $20.00 dollar bills

  1. It might be true. Yesterday, after my roommate went to the bank to cash a check, the entry\exit alarms went off in every store we went in afterwards. We could not find any other possibility-there were no tags in his clothes. I think we will try to test this by trying to go thru with and without his wallet. Great! another government screwup!

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