SCO to Sue Linux User today

I tell you one thing if SCO thought they where hated before go ahead and let them sue a Linux user today as they have said they are going to. This is going to piss a lot of people off and they have already been the target of a significant number of DOS attacks.

I have been advising those that pay me to give them advice to stay away from any product that SCO develops. This company needs to get a grip and realize they are causing more harm then good with there attitude of suing and pissing off 99% of the Unix community. [Infoworld]

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  1. SCO to sue Linux user today

    Link from Geek News Central: […] SCO has embroiled itself in legal disputes in the last year with IBM, Red Hat and Novell over whether or not Linux illegally contains Unix source code that is owned by SCO. SCO has…

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