GNC #973 Back from Podcast Movement

I am glad to be back in Honolulu after a very productive three days at Podcast Movement. I share a little of that and also what is happening around here. Very busy time in the media space and I am very excited to be tightly aligned with it.

I Also update on my Transformation. Discounts are still available by using promo code “podcast” @

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Show Notes:
Ad Detector.
CyberSecurity Czar has no Clue.
T-Mobile Data Deals.
Sprint Data Deals.
Verizon burning up Data Usage.
Windows 9 Preview coming soon.
Soundcloud goes for the cash.
Republicans threaten the FCC.
Twitter Botmaker Spam Hunter.
Liveleak bans ISIS Be-headings.
Internet Ad Free for $233?
Comment Period closing on TWC/Comcast Deal.
Google Knowledge Vault.
Linux Jobs.
ISS Finds Life in Space.
Cool Farm Innovation.
Chair Exoskelton.
NASA and CFC Readings.
Global Warming / Cooling?
Rename Net Neutrality.
Getty goes after wrong group.
Comcast feeding students TV.
Earth Crust is rising in Western USA.
Uber delivers literally.
Your Brain on Video Games.
Tor Bug reports being reported by?
More Deaths on Game of Thrones.