Hub It Sync and Charge Station Review

hubitThe landscape in American homes has changed when it comes to cables and charging all our devices. We all seem to have device charging cables everywhere and their is never enough plugs. As a bit of a neat freak it drives me crazy to see cables everywhere..

Up until today there has been no solution to clean up the mess. When the Hub It Sync and Charge Station arrived for review, I knew before opening the box we had a winner and I was so right.

As delivered I could charge 7 devices at once with a next gen iPhone connector, old style iPad charger, 2 mini jack usb, and three ports to plugin additional usb cables. Taking the lid off I could have installed 5 more Hub It modules! All in a stylish case where the cables retract when not in use to give a clean charging station area.

hubit2My wife immediately took control of it, and put it in a area in our home where phones / tablets get charged in the evening. She was able to stash all of her cables that had been laying around.

The best part is you can connect the device to a computer and via USB 3.0 you can access each of the devices connected to the Hub. So you can Sync and Charge at the same time. The device has firmware within that can be upgraded to support new devices as they come out.. The best part if the Hub It is only $79.99.

I love that companies are recognizing that we have a huge issue with all the wall warts and cables everywhere. This device requires a single average sizes wall transformer plugin and bom it charges all my devices… We will call this one  a winner and I will be ordering additional Hub It Modules to completely eliminate all extra cables.

See all the details at be sure to look at the use cases and gallery of pictures on their website.

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