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Comply Foam Tip Technology

http://www.complyfoam.com/content/comply_home_03-4.jpg If you use in-ear earphones, you know that the hardest thing to find are comfortable tips that stay in. That’s where Comply Foam ear plugs come in. Comply ear tips are manufactured by Hearing Component, Inc. Dr . Oliveria the founder of Hearing Component, Inc has a PHD in biochemistry from Iowa State University. He has over 15 patents and is an expert on the human ear canal. His research shows that the size and shape of the ear canal changes as the position of the mouth changes. Most ear tips stay the same no matter if your mouth is open or close. The Comply has been working on a material that will adjust the tips with the changing shape of the ear canal. They have found that so far memory foam works the best.

Comply will be introducing their newest product at CES 2012, the Comply Foam Ear Plugs. The Comply Foam Plugs are great for musicians, concert goers, sound engineers or anyone who is surrounded by loud or extreme noise. They have hi fidelity retention, ultra soft comfort, superior in ear protection and a secure fit. They will help improve any listening experience by upgrading noise reduction, comfort and secure fit. They will be in the North Hall at both 5216, where they will be showing off their newest secret product. When you stop by bring along your favorite earphones, so you can try the Comply Foam ear tips yourself. There are various tips to fit any ear size, life style and budget.  You can start with the basic tip and then move up until you find the tips that are right for your ears.

PureSound Technology and ClarityOne Earbuds

Todd and Tom tune into Patrick and Dean from PureSound Technology, Inc, who talk about their patented PureSound processor that will shortly be launched within their ClarityOne earbuds. Because of the processor, the earbuds can use 8 ohm impedance rather than the more usual 16 or 32 ohms, giving greater clarity and less distortion.

The range will be extended later in the year with over the ear models for professional studio use.

Available late February /early March for $140 with a 15% pre-registration discount and iTunes gift card for the first 500 orders.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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Sonomax Self Mold Earphones

Don’t you just hate earbuds? They are often uncomfortable and randomly fall out of the average ear. Up until now, you could pay $2,000 to have custom-molded earphones. Well, all that is about to change.

Nick from Sonomax Technologies uses Geekazine host Jeffrey Powers as a guinea pig to demonstrate “sculpted eers” custom molded earphones. The kit, expected to become available in Spring 2011, enables consumers to create their own custom-molded earphones exactly shaped to their ears using a four-minute-long silicone process. The price point is expected to be $199 for the basic one driver per ear model and $299 for the premium two-driver per ear model. I can’t wait!

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central .

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