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Yahoo is Done Searching. Microsoft Gets Their Way (Sort of)

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Well, it was a deal that was a year and a half in the making. Actually, it’s been longer than that – nonetheless, Microsoft has finally gotten what they want. While it still needs to have a final stamp of approval, it looks like Yahoo search will become Yahoo Search powered by Bing.

The real history is this: Back in 2005, Microsoft talked ‘Partnership’ with Yahoo to thwart the ever growing Google. That was during the Instant Messaging days – When it was announced that MSN Messenger and Yahoo IM would be able to talk to each other.

By May of 2007, Microsoft and Yahoo were in talks of an apparent $50 Billion dollar merger. While that didn’t happen, we started seeing the beginnings of the Mass Exodus of Yahoo. Employees such as Farzad Nazem – who was Yahoo’s CTO at the time – took retirement. That was followed by other key players in Yahoo’s stable.

However, the battle didn’t really start until Feb 3rd, 2008, when Steve Ballmer offered $41 Billion to take over the company. It was a long – drawn out battle that gave people like Carl Icahn a seat on Yahoo’s board and Jerry Yang the heave – ho as CEO. Since then, Yahoo has plummeted in stock price.

Carol Bartz took over as CEO in January 2009 with a renewed hope. However, the Yahoo name has been pretty stagnant until just a couple weeks ago when they revamped email. Closing services like Yahoo Music and Geocities helped Yahoo score a profit in Q2, but the search side had remained at a plateau.

Then along came Bing.

“I think actually Bing is a good product. ” Carl Bartz announces in a transcript. “It actually extends sort of the experimentation around search and how people use it instead of just thinking like a standard blue link.” She goes on with “…Microsoft should be given kudos for Bing.”

What is supposedly proposed is that Microsoft will take over the search engine side of things. Yahoo will continue with ad placement on the site. Yahoo is expected to get 110% of search ad deals until 2011, in which it will drop to 90%, according to

The drama is expected to unfold in the next 24 hours as it is said to be a ‘done deal – with the formalities happening later today’. Right now, neither side is ready to comment.

Results of Geek News Central on Wolfram Alpha

geeknewscentralheirarchyIt’s an interesting picture, right? Well this was made by a website. Geeknewscentral to be precise. This is a Heirarchy of Geeknewscentral.

Wolfram Alpha is the new “Computational Knowledge Engine”. It’s not really a search engine like Google – If you search for “Geeknewscentral” you will get no information. However, if you ask “3+2”, you will get the result of “5”. If you enter “Uranium”, you will get all information on Uranium. So on and so forth.

In the meantime, pretty pictures….

There’s the Grammatic Way and the SEO Way

In working with websites, I find having to understand my grammar is a key factor. Nobody likes misspelled words or sentences that run too long or don’t make sense. I’ve been spending time going through my sites trying to find and fix those lines that meet that criteria.

But there is another factor I have to consider – SEO. Search Engine Optimization is something most web masters strive for. They want to see their name in lights (Search Engine lights, that is). To be able to top a search means more views. That, in turn, can bring more opportunity and even $$.

So now the real question is: where is the fine line? There are words that crop up (Tumblr, Blubrry) that are not spelled correct. I also have to think about saturation of keywords. Webmaster is a keyword – Google counts how many times webmaster is in a site. Google then reports back that webmaster is a keyword you should focus on. Adding words like webmaster (and their variants) and making it look appeasing is a real task – that is, if you content focuses on getting webmasters to come to your site.

Want to add another angle? How bout we take in viewer retention: The user is only on the site for an average of 2 seconds. You have 2 sentences to explain you, your site and your article. Period. Don’t do that – they’re gone. That is where Grammar comes in more than SEO.

Of course, doth could turn thine speaking into Ye Olde English! Hearty words shall evoke the emotion! Now Everyone – DRINK!

All this to think about and you still have to put your style into an article. For writing everyday articles, it’s a consideration, but you should focus more on your style. If this is an “About” page or something that is going to be a major part of your site, then you need to really focus on SEO, then Grammar. The only exception is the first paragraph: This defines the rest of the article. Therefore, following grammatic rules is the best bet.

Grammar or SEO? They both have advantage. However, the better the site crawls, the more people will see if you correctly spelled Webmaster. Welcome to my world…

Search Woes Online

The news out of AOL about logging what customers are searching is quite disturbing. I am strongly against search companies keeping records of what people are searching. That data is something that could be stolen, and if stolen could harm many people. I see this as the perfect time to mention the project started up over at XiTechnology in recent months. We are developing a search engine system using Open Source technologies to provide users with the comfort of knowing that their searches will not be saved anywhere. The project named iOpenSeek is an ad-free system available for searching the internet. I mean, isn’t that what you do on a search engine? Currently we are developing our own web spider to index our information. The source code for the spider will be available upon release in the fall for review and debugging. We are accepting donations to help cover the rather insane costs of hardware to purchase the servers to run our system on. This is a project we believe strongly in because of the risk in using some of the other search engines online today. Its our goal to protect our users, and provide them with a place to search freely. Our website is Updated news will be available on the site in the next coming weeks. If you believe in search engine freedom then this could be what you are looking for.


Almost Two-Thirds of U.S. Homes Have An Online Computer

According to the most recent U.S. Census data, 62 million households in the United States have an Internet-connected computer. That means just over half, 55 percent of homes have relatively easy access to the net, including e-mail and web resources. This data, current as of 2003, shows a five percent increase in connected computers, compared to the 2001 data, and more than triple the 18 percent connectivity rate reported in 1997.

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