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Search Woes Online

The news out of AOL about logging what customers are searching is quite disturbing. I am strongly against search companies keeping records of what people are searching. That data is something that could be stolen, and if stolen could harm many people. I see this as the perfect time to mention the project started up over at XiTechnology in recent months. We are developing a search engine system using Open Source technologies to provide users with the comfort of knowing that their searches will not be saved anywhere. The project named iOpenSeek is an ad-free system available for searching the internet. I mean, isn’t that what you do on a search engine? Currently we are developing our own web spider to index our information. The source code for the spider will be available upon release in the fall for review and debugging. We are accepting donations to help cover the rather insane costs of hardware to purchase the servers to run our system on. This is a project we believe strongly in because of the risk in using some of the other search engines online today. Its our goal to protect our users, and provide them with a place to search freely. Our website is Updated news will be available on the site in the next coming weeks. If you believe in search engine freedom then this could be what you are looking for.


Almost Two-Thirds of U.S. Homes Have An Online Computer

According to the most recent U.S. Census data, 62 million households in the United States have an Internet-connected computer. That means just over half, 55 percent of homes have relatively easy access to the net, including e-mail and web resources. This data, current as of 2003, shows a five percent increase in connected computers, compared to the 2001 data, and more than triple the 18 percent connectivity rate reported in 1997.

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Google News Goes RSS and Atom

Google, the premier internet search engine is fast becoming one of the favored sources of news on the net. Now, rather than requiring users to visit the Google News website, Google is delivering information via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom formats. Using XML (Extensible Markup Language), RSS and Atom formats enable users of aggregation software, commonly called RSS readers, to select topics and receive all available articles currently in publication that are related to that topic.

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David Sifry Business Week Article

I think David Sifry has set himself and Technorati up for failure. I read the linked article and my jaw hit the floor. If he honestly thinks that companies like Yahoo, Google, MSN don’t have a staff of engineers that could duplicate what is being or attempted to being done at Technorati then he is in for a serious wake up call. Some of the comments in that interview mad me say your kidding right. Check this out

“Q: Why can’t they build themselves up to do that with a blog search engine?
A: Well, good luck. We’ve been doing it now for almost three years, and it’s a lot harder than you think.”

I am not even going to continue. If I were a engineer or a CEO of a company that does search I would have this quote posted on a big banner that met the program and engineer staff each morning. There is such a word as getting to big for your britches. The best thing the folks over at Technorati can do is get their heads down and code like crazy and scale their network so when the big boys come to really play they are ready to compete. [Business Week]

Google Goes Head-to-Head with PayPal

Google, the leading search engine company in search of itself has again added a new service to its eclectic portfolio. Later this year, Google plans to offer an electronic payment service that will compete directly with PayPal, owned by eBay. Services will, reportedly, include processing payments using consumer credit cards and checking accounts, the mainstay of PayPal’s service.

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