Day One Journal App Joins Automattic

Automattic announced that Day One, a journaling app, has joined the Automattic team. This information was posted on the WordPress blog. Day One will remain under the leadership of Founder and CEO Paul Mayne.

While and Tumblr have you covered for sharing your thoughts with the world, journaling with Day One is just for you. In fact, privacy is at the heart of Day One, thanks to the full end-to-end encryption applied to every entry, in every journal.

A person can choose to share specific journal entries publicly, or can decide to make their entire journal accessible to be read by the world. According to Automattic, you can expect seamless integrations with both and Tumblr if you want to share part of all of your Day One journal.

Day One journals can also be published as hardcopy books. It is unclear to me what, exactly, the process is to go from digital journal to physical hardcopy journal that can be kept by the author or given out as a gift. The hardcopy option is interesting. It is much harder for a content thief to scrape an entire physical book than it is for them to scrape a digital book and attempt to sell copies of it.

TechCrunch reported that unlike WordPress and Tumblr, which focus on publishing to a public audience, Day One focuses on privacy. Day One offers end-to-end encryption of all of your journal entries. Those entries can include text, media, and audio recordings.

According to TechCrunch, Day One also allows auto-import of Instagram posts, voice transcriptions, templates, rich text formatting, location history. It also has integration with Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.