Facebook Has a New Plugin For Sharing WordPress Posts

Facebook is always looking for ways to integrate with outside platforms. It just launched something called Facebook for WordPress plugin. It enables bloggers to make their WordPress blog more social, “in a couple of clicks”. You don’t have to know how to do coding in order to make it work. Facebook has created a page that will talk you through exactly what to do.

Unlike some of the other plugins that connect to Facebook, this one was built by Facebook engineers. It seems to me that if Facebook created it, in house, that Facebook should be able to continuously update the Facebook for WordPress plugin in order to make it work with whatever changes happen to Facebook in the future. We all know that Facebook loves to change things around!

What does it do? According to Matt Kelly, who is an engineer at Facebook, it makes social publishing much easier. He said in a blog post:

“Once the plugin is installed, you can cross-post content published to WordPress to your Facebook Timeline and the Facebook pages you manage. You can also mention the names of Pages and friends as you post to further distribute your content”.

This is great for people who have a personal blog that they like to post updates about onto their Facebook page. It is also excellent for podcasters who use WordPress to post their show notes. It makes the process of adding links to your Facebook page, and the Facebook page for your podcasts, much more streamlined.

As a podcaster, I can see how the Facebook for WordPress plugin would make my life easier. Right now, when I finish the show notes for a podcast, I go into Facebook and manually copy and paste the link from my WordPress blog onto my Facebook page.

I have to do it again in order to post the link to the episode onto a Facebook page my husband and I share, (where we post all our creative projects). If I want to let a band that I played in that episode know about it, I have hunt down their Facebook page, and then post the link, again. The plugin is going to let me do all of that right from my WordPress blog. This will save a lot of time!