Where Do You Find WordPress Themes?

For the past few days I have been scanning the net looking for a new WordPress theme for my own site.  There are a lot out there.  Just do a Google search if you don’t believe me.  Some are for purchase, but a lot are free.  Many of the sites are legit, but some are sketchy.

So the question is, how do you find legitimate content when it comes to something as generic as a WordPress theme?  If your computer-literate then you probably have a bit a intuition about sites you visit.  You may also have some help from services such as the Firefox add-ons – NoScript and Web of Trust.  But those are really just a belt to use with your suspenders.

Is there a way to really sort out the good content?  Back to my WordPress example, I have waded through pages of Google results, but found only a smattering of decent ones.  Some sites that show up high in the rankings don’t even pass the Web of Trust tests.  If it’s tough for a geek to figure out then that explains the amount of people who find their PC’s infected – or worse, don’t know their computers are infected.

That’s the discussion I’d like to have with all of the readers of this site.  I am not just looking for WordPress theme sites.  I am really looking for how all of you sort through results in a generic search and find the good stuff.  With Google returning thousands (or more) of hits and some of the less-than-savory sites rising up the rankings, how does anyone figure out where to go today?

One thought on “Where Do You Find WordPress Themes?

  1. I have had similiar problems with free themes.
    Ive actually had to remove encrypted code from supposedly ‘FREE” themes that displayed links to things such as Casinos and Adult sites.
    Ive even come across viruses in the Zip files downloaded.
    Woo Themes are very good but you have to pay a little buut they offer online support … and Elegant Themes are good as well. membership is quite cheap and then you have the choice of many or all of the themes to download.
    Concerning how to sort through the search results … basically I spend a lot of time testing and looking at new themes. Sometimes I find a good one…
    Like the one I just implemented on my photography site http://www.surfphotographer.com.au
    btw this site is great

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