Been wanting Echo Auto? It now brings Alexa to your car cheap today only

Amazon Echo caught on in the market right away, perhaps first as a novelty, but it quicky became useful. It does more than just play music and give sometimes funny answers. The news, the weather, directions…when in doubt ask Alexa, it very well may know. 

Amazon is well aware that the Echo becomes inaccessible to people when they leave their home and the company was anxious to solve this problem, it brings Alexa right into your vehicle. 

Android Auto is a tiny 

 device, about smart phone size and can clip to an air vent in your vehicle. 

It’s strange how when we didn’t have Alexa we didn’t notice, but now we find ourselves not being able to live without it. We speak to it even out of range. 

As you may know, this is Prime week. It lasts two days and Amazon has non-stop sales on all sorts of items from electronics to clothes to toys. Today only the retailer is selling the device for $14.99, down significantly from its regular $49.99. Happy shopping.