Chrome 69 Privacy Issues #1315

chrome 69Chrome 69 opens up a quagmire of possible privacy issues without Google really explaining why they are logging users into the browser now by default. As one columnist said trust is not a renewable resource. Our online privacy continues to be whacked away little but little yet nothing is being done to protect consumers and we will soon reach if we have not already a tipping point. I continue to experiment with the new streaming setup and so far minus a few hiccups, the system seems to be doing pretty good.

I have some new support initiatives that I explain during the show Amazon Business, Amazon Offers and my health supplement recommendation page which will continue to expand and I will do some videos on how I use my supplements and in what order.

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  2. How can you search for earlier episodes from your site from an iphone? I can do it from my computer but can’t find a search or link for past episodes on my iPhone.

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