Amazon Business Account

Amazon BusinessAmazon Business Accounts are a smart way to save a lot of money and pain when it comes to the end of the year taxes. Owning a small business is challenging enough. But if you already have an Amazon Prime account you can get the immediate benefits of Prime when you create a new Amazon Business Account.

Amazon allows you to have two accounts using the single Prime membership. So you can now separate business purchases from personal purchases.

I found myself having to answer a lot of questions to my accountant when I was using a single account. With the business account, you keep everything separate and you avoid having issues when it comes to making sure that what you purchased was a business expense or not.

Amazon gives you the ability to do an export of every item you purchased allowing you to reconcile your books. They also allow you to assign a separate credit card. In my case, I applied my business credit card to the business account and removed it from my personal account to avoid anyone accidentally using it for a non-business expense.

Use Prime to save yourself a lot of money. As a reminder, if you pay for Prime with your personal account, you cannot apply that as a business deduction if you are using it as well for business. Check with your accountant for rules on that deduction.

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